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Want Some Sugar Baby?

The nutrition industry is in a current trend of emphasizing protein, while limiting sugar. This is usually a good idea, if not taken to the extreme. Whether or not you agree with this latest trend, more and more products are becoming available offering high protein and low sugar content.


People will come in the store and agonize over which bar they should choose, "Should I buy the one with 1 gram of sugar, or the one with 2 grams of sugar?". What makes it funny is, often they are holding a styrofoam cup from a smoothie place in their hand, while they try to make this decision.


When I tell them that the smoothie they just drank has an average of eighty (80) grams of sugar in it, they look at me like a deer caught in the headlights. They look stunned. How can this be? You thought that smoothies were healthy and good for you.


I've looked into this and found that some of the "muscle builder" type smoothies have over 150 grams of sugar. That's 600 calories from sugar! In one smoothie. Ah, but it's "Turbinado sugar", they say. Big deal, that means that it's brown and has bigger crystals. But it's still sugar. You've been had, kiddo.


Now, I've got no problem consuming a product with a lot of sugar in it, if I know what I'm taking. It just burns me up that these "smoothie operators" are making a ton of money, fooling you. These guys know that if they told you how much sugar was in their products, they would go out of business.


Most of the smoothie places conveniently leave sugar content out of their nutritional information. They tell you how much protein and fat are in there; they just don't tell you how much sugar.


SNS has always operated under the assumption that fully informed customers are better customers. The more you know, the better the customer you are. I don't like to be fooled and I know that you don't either. Support businesses that treat you like an intelligent person and don't keep you on a "need to know" basis.