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Price: 49.95
Item Number: DF-1800

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Pure food Derived B-Complex Nutrition Facts Serving Size 18 Tabs Compare this to Any B Complex on the market to see the difference of this product. Government Inspected, concentrated 4 times at low temperatures to retain natural ingredients of liver with the fat removed. High Concentrations of select B-Vitamins along with Natural LIVER & BREWERS YEAST plus Iron, Zinc, RNA and DNA provide INCREDIBLE ENERGY! 19 Amino Acids from yeast and liver make this a complete B-Complex that adds a great deal of nutrition in each tablet. Unlike caffeine and herbs, take these tablets with each meal to get a boost of energy that does not leave you tired later and feel good about improving your diet as well! Lower your stress with natural energy vitamins. Vitamin B-1 5.4 mg. 360% Vitamin B-2 6.1 mg. 360% Niacin 72 mg. 360% Vitamin B-6 7.2 mg. 360% Vitamin B-12 21.6 mcg. 360% Iron 18 mg. 97% Zinc 9 mg. 58% Nucleic Acid 187.2 mg. none * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Contains 19 Amino Acids

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