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Supplements for Men.

With all of the products advertised for male-oriented supplement, there is a lot of confusion as to which ones you should take. Here are some recent findings to help guide you.

Saw Palmetto as effective as Proscar for Prostate Problems?

For men experiencing the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), the standard drug prescribed is Proscar (generic name - finasteride). European physicians have used herbal remedies for many years for management of BPH and other urinary tract symptoms.

The measurement of successful treatment of BPH is in improvement in urine flow rate (ml/sec). There have been many studies of saw palmetto, some as long as 90 days. The average urine flow rate increased from a base of 9.53 milliliters per second (ml/sec) to 13.15 ml/sec by the end of 90 days. This is a 38% improvement.

The Physician's Desk Reference publishes the results of clinical trials of all drugs. In the PDR, Proscar date shows trial results as follows; 9.6 ml/sec beginning and 10.4 ml/sec after 90 days. That is only an 8% improvement. By the end of one year, Proscar resulted in a flow of 11.2 ml/sec, or a 17% improvement, but that still lags behind the Saw Palmetto's results after only 90 days.

Add the fact that Proscar costs about $75 per month, compared to Saw Palmetto's average cost of under $20 per month, and it's no contest; Saw Palmetto wins.


Now here's some information on how to "stand up and be counted". If you've got any concerns in this area, there's good news.

There is a little compound that is absolutely essential to the proper hydraulic function of your parts; nitric oxide (NO). Without adequate NO, you're going to sit the bench. There is a natural supplement that can cause you to make more NO; L-Arginine. L-Arginine has been around for a while, but not much attention has been paid to its benefits in men, until recently.

SNS GH Machine contains L-Arginine and an herb that yields L-dopa. Dopamine, from L-dopa, is another important part of making things happen down there. An added perk for GH Machine is that it is a GH releaser, which can help you recover from workouts faster and get leaner.

You'll have to plan ahead when using any of these; you can't pop a few pills and get randy. You can't do that with Viagra, either. Say no more!

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