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Angela Murray

Angela Murray is a professional model with the Dallas Marquee Agency, and holds a full-time sales position with All American Semiconductors, Inc.

Modelling clients are very demanding, and with such a rigorous schedule, Angela has to work hard to stay in top shape year 'round.

Here's what Angela says about her training and SNS products-

"Without SNS nutritional products, I could not do it. My husband Matt occasionally works out with me and helps keep me on my diet. My nutritional consultant and trainer Matt Biassi (owner of Island Cafe on McKinney Ave) puts me through some rigorous workouts and regulates my diet, keeping my nutritional levels peaked using SNS Fast Food as a meal replacement. There is no way I could find the time to prepare a healthy, high protein meal during my work week, and eating in restaurants is not an option.

I drink SNS Whey Protein to keep my protein levels high, for faster recuperation from my workouts. I also use Fat Fighter thermogenic formula to keep my metabolism in high gear, and of course a multi vitamin. It is impossible to eat four to five properly balanced meals a day to get all the nutrition we need and keep your body in shape and energy levels high.


SNS, thanks for keeping it simple. There are so many products out there with claims to fame, and misleading labeling. You have specific products for specific goals. Keep up the good work.