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Mike Ramsey - The Original Clydesdale

1987 Carrollton Biathlon 1989 Texas Triathlon, College StationWhat do you do when you're not really good at any one sport? You do them all. I'm one of those "jack of all trades, master of none" guys. But, you put them all together, and I can take you. Triathlon was a good venue for me to rediscover athletics after college.

I was a pretty good swimmer; I was a lifeguard, scuba diver, and played water polo. I rode my bicycle everywhere as a kid, but there wasn't a racing program around. My problem was running; I'm just too big to get much under a 3:00 marathon, even after years of training. Too bad that there wasn't much in the way of Clydesdale divisions when I was really racing a lot. At least it's out there now, and I'll make a comeback soon. Watch out, all you big guys.

For a little more on my fitness philosphy, look up this article- "Ten Tips For Lifetime Leanness".