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Kim Chance - One Fit Mother

Kim Chance is a 38 year old mother of two daughters, ages 4 & 6. Kim and her husband Troy are both peronal trainers. Kim has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years, ranging from aerobics instructor, kick-boxing, pilates, biomechanics and personal training, to her current position at Goodbody's Wellness Center.

Kim has been an athlete most of her life, competing in track, gymnastics, moto-cross, canoeing,racquetball, aerobic dance competitions, mountain biking, and adventure racing.

Kim's athletic achievements include: 3-time Regional Champion in the Reebok National Aerobic Championships, State Champion in Beginner Division of Texas State Mountain Bike Championships, ranked 5th in State of Texas after moving to Expert Division, 2nd ranked co-ed team in Texas State Adventure Race Sprint Series with her partner Kirk Burgess, and a first place finish in the co-ed division of the Hi-Tec Adventure Race, Cedar Hill race, with teammates Jeff Almond and Charles Dix.

Her background in moto-cross motorcycle racing (her parents owned and operated a motocross track in Tahlequah, OK) prepared her for all of this off-road bicycle racing; that and the eight years of competitive gymnastics developed the balance, guts, muscle strength and endurance needed to excel at off road racing.

Kim uses SNS supplements to add to her good diet. She knows how to eat right, but knows that supplements can boost intake of specific nutrients that hard training may use, and that time constraints keep us from eating perfectly. Kim uses Lean Machine, Women's Multi, Flax Oil caps, Creatine, Immune (colostrum), Glutamine and Antioxidants daily. She keeps Echinacea and Goldenseal around in case she feels a cold coming on. On race days, she uses Antioxidants, Lean Machine (pre-race meal), Women's Multi, and carb gel packs.

With her 50+ hours per week working (she also still teaches classes in spinning, kick-boxing, and Pilates), driving the kids to and from all of their activities, and trying to get in her own training, getting in three races per month just about fills the schedule. You don't think you have enough time to get in shape? Ask Kim how.