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I'm Running Some Races This Fall,
What Do I Do now?

The running events get longer in the fall, so your weekly mileage should be gradually increasing. Make sure that you do only one long run every other week, and that it increases only 10% each time. For example; if your long run this Saturday is ten miles, two weeks from this Saturday your next long run should be eleven miles. In another two weeks it will be a little longer than twelve; in another two weeks it will be about thirteen and one-third; and so on.

Don't forget to do a once per week fast-pace run. It may be running hills, intervals, or even track speed work. This type of running makes you stronger and faster. Don't over do it though; this is a quick path to injury if you do too much too soon. Shin splints are a sign that you need to back off this stressful type of running.

This type of schedule should prepare you for the longer events leading up to the marathon; the Autumn Equinox, the Lost Dog 20K, the half marathon, among others.

Be sure to include some cross-training, such as cycling, weight lifting, swimming, or any other fun activity to keep up your aerobic fitness and make life easier on your feet. Once you get in race shape, you can't get any more fit the week before the race. I've seen so many people get hurt days before a race, trying to get that last hard workout. Don't make this common mistake.

Supplements to help your fall racing:

  1. Drink a carb, drink after every run. Carbs replace glycogen depleted during the run, and stop the muscle breakdown process.
  2. Eat something before running. If you don't have time to prepare a meal, or can't stomach regular food, try a food bar or a meal replacement powder like super food Protein powder, Lean Machine
  3. Practice drinking a fluid-replacement drink during runs. SNS 3rd Wind is an excellent drink to replace fluid and add carbohydrates quickly during exercise.
  4. If you cramp easily, consider lactic acid buffers. After you have eliminated dehydration as the cause (see #3 above), try 3rd Wind Lactic Acid Buffer/Electrolyte Caps. Many runners have experienced dramatic reduction in cramping with it.
  5. For hill or track workouts, add Creatine Monohydrate. A great anaerobic fuel, Creatine also comes in to play during races as you go above your anaerobic threshold. It also helps you store more water in the muscles, helpful in the longer races. SNS Lean Machine combines Creatine with a high protein, low fat and low sugar meal replacement.
  6. For motivation, try SNS Ginseng. Ginseng works better after using it for a week or two. It is mild stimulant, but is most effective because of its adaptogenic properties.
  7. During long runs of an hour or longer, L-Carnitine has been found to extend endurance and delay exhaustion. Dr's Carni-Max is a good energy lift, without using stimulants.
  8. Calcium Pyruvate is useful in helping to use fat for fuel during extended exercise. An added side benefit is that many runners find themselves losing body fat while using it. Dynamic Pyruvate the best values in Pyruvate..