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Now That You've Made Your New Year's Resolution to lose FAT, what's Next?
Here is what you need to do:
  • You absolutely have to execise regularly to be healthy and fit.
  • You will be even healthier and more fit if you eat small, frequent, low fat meals.
  • Supplements work, but are a waste of your time and money if you don't do the first two.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your optimum fitness program:

Exercise more often, at a higher intensity-you're much better off getting in two fifteen minute workouts, three days per week, than trying to get in two hours on the weekend.

Find a way to plug in two small meals, containing complex carbs and low-fat proteins between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner.  Don't skip meals, especially breakfast.  You raise your metabolism by eating small, more frequent meals.  You slow your metabolism by skipping breakfast and eating a big dinner.   You will be able to actually eat more total calories in a day if you spread them out over five meals, than you would if you try to put you calories "in the bank" to use on that big dinner.

You can use supplements to add to your exercise program and good diet.  If you tend to skip meals, or time crunches tend to make you resort to fast-food joints, meal replacements such as SNS Lean Machine serve as great small meals.  Protein powders, such as SNS Whey Protein help those diets that tend to be carb-heavy.