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Elizabeth Sparks- 2001 INFF World Champion

Elizabeth Sparks - Ms. Galaxy Nova 2000Elizabeth Sparks is a national fitness competitor who resides in Dallas. She is a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer. In her spare time, she teaches 2nd grade! Her training schedule is always tough, but 8 weeks prior to competition it gets even tougher. Elizabeth focuses mentally when preparing to compete. Elizabeth Sparks - fitness competitor

The three most important factors in her contest preparation are nutrition, training, and supplementation. Elizabeth enjoys all the pleasures of a good meal, but gets very serious about eating exactly what her body needs to perform athletically and look great in her swimsuit!

Her training programs are very specific to her competitions. She trains her upper body 3 days a week using only push-ups, pull-ups, and weights! Lower body training is 6 days a week. She does step-ups, lunges, and squats without weight, sprints, and walking and sprinting stadium bleachers. One day a week she trains on an obstacle course just like the one in her competitions.

Elizabeth Sparks - fitness competitorLast, but definitely not least, is supplementation. It is very difficult to achieve optimum levels of fitness without some sort of supplementation. Elizabeth stays lean with SNS's Pyruvate, Thermo-diet Stack, and Fast Food meal replacement shake