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Is Creatine A Killer?

There's been a lot of press about Creatine Monohydrate lately. In addition to all of the good reports about increased performance, you may have heard stories about cramping, or muscle pulls, or even death by Creatine.

Not too long ago, some wrestlers died, and the news stories focused in on their use of Creatine. The news reporters didn't mention the fact that very dangerous weight loss methods are used by wrestlers. They often take laxatives and diuretics, wear rubber suits, drink very little water, and exercise excessively in an attempt to lose that last little bit of water.

Creatine was continually mentioned as a potential cause of their death. The news reports trotted out their experts and tried to get them to implicate Creatine. As hard as they tried to make Creatine the villain, they couldn't. The experts had nothing really bad to say about Creatine. In fact, the FDA came out with an official statement that Creatine specifically was NOT the cause of their deaths. It was dehydration, caused by their extreme habits, that was the culprit.

The sensational story about the possible link to injury or death, caused by a nutritional supplement, got front page news. The FDA's exoneration of Creatine got buried in the back, if published or reported at all. This illustrates how the public is constantly exposed to a biased view of safe nutritional supplements.

Here are some precautions you should exercise when taking Creatine:

  1. Never take more than 10 grams at one serving, even if loading 20-30 grams for the first days; spread the daily total out over 2 or 3 servings.
  2. Always take in more water than you normally would; Creatine requires water to get into the muscles. If you drink just your normal water intake, you may get some cramps.
  3. Try taking a carbohydrate drink with your Creatine to speed entry into the muscles. Some people prefer juice, while others take commercially prepared products which include both carbs and Creatine. I suggest that you take a carb drink which contains a 4:1 ratio of complex to simple carbs, to avoid possible problems with exact timing of insulin response.

Don't always believe the stories you read or hear about vitamins or supplements, until you hear the whole story. As in the case of the Creatine scare, villains are more newsworthy than innocent businesses.

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