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Don't Blame It On The Carbs

Many popular diet and training programs are proclaiming the virtues of a high protein, higher fat, lower carb diet. People are afraid to eat carbohydrates, thinking that eating carbs is what is holding them back from being a lean, mean, exercise machine.

I regularly overhear average people proclaiming to each other, "You're probably eating too many carbs." as the final answer to the other person's training and diet dilemna. There are several problems with limiting carbohydrates from your diet:

  1. Carbohydrates (fruits, grains, vegetables) are where you get the majority of your vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  2. You cannot burn fat without the presence of glucose (carbohydrates).
  3. Eating too few carbs, in an attempt to access bodyfat, lowers your basal metabolic rate. After a few weeks of restricted carbs, your body has adapted to a new, lower intake. What do you think will happen when you decide that you've reached your goal, and you go back to the way you really want to eat? That's right, you'll get fat again.

Higher fat diets currently in vogue ("Zone", Atkins, 40-30-30) are intentional undereating programs. They know that if you were to follow their diet, but eat carbs, you would have trouble limiting your total caloric intake to their allowable levels. But by eating more proteins and fat, you can trick your brain into not being hungry as often. Eating fat makes your brain think you're full; like dessert after dinner.

These diets are useful to some people, under some conditions; if you are an endurance athlete performing for more than two and one-half hours at a time, or if you are intentionally undereating for a period of less than six weeks to lose bodyfat.

If you really want to find out if a higher protein, lower carb diet is right for you, you don't have to buy expensive products with a magic formula. You can buy your own protein powders or meal replacement mixes. Save some money by doing it yourself.

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