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SNS Nutritional SupplementsHere's how simple
it is to get started

Docrors's Mutual Supplements are manufactured in FDA registered labs, under industry standard Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Most of your favorite brands are also produced by these "Contract Manufacturers".

You can profit from selling DMSC"s products several ways. Select which of these interest you, and enter in your contact information at the bottom of the page. In the comments box, indicate which type of business you would like to start.

  1. Start or add to your own home-based or web-based business. Anyone may buy DMSC products and resell them. You will have a unique line to sell to your customers by direct sales, mail-order, or e-commerce. There are no territories; your profits are limited only by your available time and ambition. Your profit margin will be 33%, the difference between the online price and suggested retail. You carry as much or as little inventory as you can quickly turn. There is no need to carry a whole store full of products.

    Be a DMSC manufacturer's representative in your area. If you have a flexible schedule and like talking to business owners, you might be a good manufacturer's rep. Your territory is as large as you can handle. E-commerce sites are eligible for this program, too. If you refer a store, gym, trainer, coach, chiropractor, therapist, or e-tailer to us, who then sells the oour lines line, you will be paid commissions on their purchases.

    Add the Dmsc  line to your existing "Brick & Mortar" store or "E-Commerce" site, or start one. If you already operate a business, adding the dmsc line to your available products will not only provide your customers with high-quality, low-cost products, but also provide you with one of the highest profit margins in the industry. Depending upon your ordering volume, you will be provided with up to a 55% profit margin, from your cost to retail. You may choose to realize the full margin, or discount your prices and accept a slightly smaller margin. We set the MSRP, but you are free to sell above or below that price.

    Start your own line of nutritional supplements. If you have ever wanted to have your own brand of vitamins and nutritional supplements, here's your chance. Even though this is a much bigger investment, you will be able to set your own retail prices and sell your brand to any individual or business out there. Many multi-level (MLM) companies started this way. You will need to prepare to invest in at least 1000 labels, and 200-1000 units of each distinct product that you bring to the market. The average investment for each item will range from $3000 to $5000. You may place your label on our existing formulas, or create your own unique formula. Dmsc will walk you through each step of the process.

           Contact Andrew :  or Call 949-723-5286