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Brian Hasenbauer

Brian Hasenbaurer started out as a fat, pack-a-day smoking, financial analyst with a major computer services company. When he watched the Ironman Triathlon on TV, he knew that is what he had to do.

Brian has compiled an impressive series of triathlon results over the past few years. Here's just a few:

Two time USAT All-American, Three consecutive Hawaii Ironman World Championships, Member 2001 Team USA, 8th overall place 2001 Gulf Coast Half Ironman (Computrainer Bike Segment winner), 12th overall 2001 Buffalo Springs Half Ironman, Winner 2001 Try-Paris Triathlon, and Winner 2001 Du-to-Du Duathlon (short course).

Here is how Brian uses SNS products in his training and racing.

"With the amount of running that I do (30-70 miles per week), it is a necessity to keep my knees in the best shape that I can. Even running on soft surfaces, changing shoes frequently, and taking days off, are not always enough. Nu Knees gives me the extra edge that I need to stay in shape and keep to my vigorous training schedule."